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(edit)In this world / We walk on the roof of hell / Gazing at flowers
(edit)The old pond— / a frog jumps in, / sound of water
(edit)TWENTY-SECOND / / It rains during the morning. No visitors t…
(edit)Sabi is the color of the poem. It does not necessarily refer …
(edit)Sick on a journey, / my dreams wander / the withered fields
(edit)In the white plum blossoms / night to next day / just turning
(edit)Even in Kyôto— / hearing the cuckoo's cry— / I long for Kyôto
(edit)In this mortal frame of mine which is made of a hundred / bon…
(edit)Deep autumn— / my neighbor, / how does he live, I wonder?
(edit)Not this human sadness, / cuckoo, / but your solitary cry.
(edit)Sad nodes / we're all the bamboo's children / in the end
(edit)From all these trees, / in the salads, the soup, everywhere, …
(edit)The whitebait / opens its eye / in the net of the law

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(edit) Essential Haiku


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