Early Autumn 2004

School Festival
DSC02767.JPG Assembly before the School Festival
DSC02774.JPG Exchange student Migel gets in touch with his femine, Hawaiian side
DSC02777.JPG Psycho-hula is a Nigilympic sport this year
DSC02784.JPG Let's enjoy learning about South Carolina!
DSC02787.JPG Japanese kids are weird
DSC02793.JPG Disney themed concert by the brass band with dancing by pre-schoolers
Fukuoka Tsukurimon Festival
DSC02794.JPG An unbelievable crowd shows up for the Fukuoka town festival, near the school
DSC02797.JPG The Aristocats live on! In rice and beans form!
DSC02798.JPG Don't look too closely at this picture.
DSC02802.JPG A ten foot statue made of produce. Wow.
DSC02807.JPG "Get'cher Dorae-mon cakes! Fresh Dorae-mon cakes!"
DSC02813.JPG Some of my students are psyched to play at the festival
DSC02814.JPG Tess and Finn enjoy the spectacle
DSC02816.JPG Yours Truly
DSC02818.JPG Mmm, octopus fried balls
DSC02820.JPG Persevere for the Emperor, oh vegetable athletes!
DSC02824.JPG Disturbingly realistic looking pellet guns
DSC02828.JPG Boy Scouts march for the town festival
DSC02833.JPG One of my students participates in the crazy Hokkaido dance